Salmon Fishing, Cure the Roe, fillet the fish, REPEAT!!!



On a trip to Northwest Washington, Ryan Nitz and I, got the opportunity to fish with some of the locals along a tidal river of the Puget Sound. As the Chinook (King) Salmon were leaving the sound on their way upstream to spawn, we were able to catch several amazing fish that turned into a few Amazing dinners!


JigHeads – Small Creek King Salmon Fishing Show



Here is an episode of JigHeads that takes you fishing for King Salmon in one of Lake Michigan’s tiny tributaries.


Top 8 Fishing By Hands (Pike,Catfish,Salmon.Monster,Fish)



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Awesome Underwater Salmon Bites!



Watch kings bite on the underwater “grab cam!” We trolled spinners downstream for some epic grabs and chaser footage. Lots of dollies and some chum salmon in there as well!


Salmon Fishing Out of Eureka, California



Even though it doesn’t receive as much media attention as many other ports on the West Coast, Eureka consistently rivals any salmon fishery on the Pacific Ocean. Resting on fertile Humboldt Bay, the water adjacent to the Eureka area is frequented by large schools of anchovies, bringing huge numbers of king salmon into the bay and keeping them within easy reach of anglers from May through early September.

Armed with Chartreuse Fire Brine anchovies, Team Pautzke hopped aboard with Gary Blasi of Full Throttle Sportfishing to sample this fishery and even after a strong, two-day wind event that scattered the fish, and poor ocean conditions, we managed limits for the four of us aboard. Learn how you can catch salmon out of Eureka, California, too now!

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Bobber Fishing King Salmon



A recent float fishing trip for some early run king salmon. Bobber & skein action. This was a little early in the year for big numbers of fish, but we still wanted to give it a try. Some days you win, and others the fish do…

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Alaska Sockeye “Red” Salmon Fishing – Russian / Kenai River



Flyfishing Alaska am Kenai Russian River 2012.


Shark Fishing with Dude Perfect



We got together with the popular YouTube channel Dude Perfect (famous for their trick shots) and went shark fishing. Together, we filmed a battle between the members of Dude Perfect to see who could catch the most sharks. All the sharks were released safely back into the ocean. Certain sharks were tagged and measured before being released.

To see who won the contest, visit the Dude Perfect channel:

Filmed in Florida!

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Net Fishing Amazing Shark Fishing In Beach Caught On Camera



Shark Fishing Catch And Realease.

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