JigHeads – Small Creek King Salmon Fishing Show



Here is an episode of JigHeads that takes you fishing for King Salmon in one of Lake Michigan’s tiny tributaries.


Top 8 Fishing By Hands (Pike,Catfish,Salmon.Monster,Fish)



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Awesome Underwater Salmon Bites!



Watch kings bite on the underwater “grab cam!” We trolled spinners downstream for some epic grabs and chaser footage. Lots of dollies and some chum salmon in there as well!


Salmon Fishing Out of Eureka, California



Even though it doesn’t receive as much media attention as many other ports on the West Coast, Eureka consistently rivals any salmon fishery on the Pacific Ocean. Resting on fertile Humboldt Bay, the water adjacent to the Eureka area is frequented by large schools of anchovies, bringing huge numbers of king salmon into the bay and keeping them within easy reach of anglers from May through early September.

Armed with Chartreuse Fire Brine anchovies, Team Pautzke hopped aboard with Gary Blasi of Full Throttle Sportfishing to sample this fishery and even after a strong, two-day wind event that scattered the fish, and poor ocean conditions, we managed limits for the four of us aboard. Learn how you can catch salmon out of Eureka, California, too now!

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Bobber Fishing King Salmon



A recent float fishing trip for some early run king salmon. Bobber & skein action. This was a little early in the year for big numbers of fish, but we still wanted to give it a try. Some days you win, and others the fish do…

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Alaska Sockeye “Red” Salmon Fishing – Russian / Kenai River



Flyfishing Alaska am Kenai Russian River 2012.


Shark Fishing with Dude Perfect



We got together with the popular YouTube channel Dude Perfect (famous for their trick shots) and went shark fishing. Together, we filmed a battle between the members of Dude Perfect to see who could catch the most sharks. All the sharks were released safely back into the ocean. Certain sharks were tagged and measured before being released.

To see who won the contest, visit the Dude Perfect channel:

Filmed in Florida!

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Net Fishing Amazing Shark Fishing In Beach Caught On Camera



Shark Fishing Catch And Realease.

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First Ever SHARK Fishing trip!!! (ft. Monster Mike & BlacktipH) Miami, Florida



First shark caught at 2:13
Monster hammerhead plays with our bait at 9:51
Bonnethead shark caught at 12:04

Check out double threat charters at Monster Mike’s instagram –

Bait Used: Barracuda filets
Rod/Reel/Line used: Heavy ocean rods/reels and bullbuster 200 lb monofilament line

Location: Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida
Date: October 22nd, 2015
Time Fished: 2 pm – 7 pm
Air Temp: High of 84 degrees, low of 79 degrees
Water Temp: 82 degrees
Water Clarity: 72 inches
Conditions: Partly cloudy with winds from the NE up to 16 mph

Camera Gear:
Gopro Hero 4 silver External audio Chest Mount

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Overview – Went back to Florida AGAIN to fish with BlacktipH for 4 days. Arrived on Wednesday 10/21/15 in the evening, went straight to the beach from the airport, and caught more fish than I ever have in my life (that vid will be posted later)! We fished into the night, went to Denny’s for some dinner, then I checked into my hotel and edited the video I released Thursday until 2 am.

Woke up at 4:30 am to meet BlacktipH at his place because he was driving me to Miami to fish with Monster Mike for the day. I slept like a baby the whole car ride down and we met with Mike and a couple of Blacktip’s friends before letting Mike lead the way to one of his secret peacock bass spots. We absolutely slayed em between the 5 of us, catching over 30 peacocks up to 4.5 lbs (that vid will be posted later too)!

Grabbed a quick lunch then met up with Double Threat charters for a shark fishing adventure! I was stoked to have a chance to catch such an awesome fish, and couldn’t wait to check out Biscayne Bay.

Brent and Nick demonstrated a shark fishing technique I’d never even heard of, “kite fishing.” It was a super cool method of presenting cut bait on top of the water while completely concealing the presence of any terminal tackle you had tied on. BlacktipH informed me that the big sharks are extremely cautious, and can prove to be difficult to catch at times.

The fishing started out great as Josh dropped down a strip of cuda to the bottom and hooked up with a nice nurse shark or “gummy” as he called them in a matter of minutes! I took first crack at fighting the beast only to have her come unhooked when I get her up to the boat.

No worries, as Josh informed me that nurse sharks are not very intelligent, he proved his point as he dropped another piece of cut bait down and BAM, FISH ON! This time we let Monster Mike experience the shark and he was able to tame the beast as we got her in the boat, unhooked it, then set her free.

That was a perfect appetizer to the main course that approached. A MONSTER hammerhead shark began to circle our offerings and came inches from our bait several times. This shark was the biggest fish I’d ever seen in my life, easily pushing 700+ lbs. It was so big that everyone agreed the shark expert, BlacktipH, would be the one to fight the fish if we were able to hook it.

The beast was stubborn, we tried various tactics to entice a strike as Josh shredded pieces of cuda in the water as chum and Brent took a cuda carcass and slapped it in the water to imitate a frantic fish and spread some blood/oils into the water. Unfortunately, as Brent body slammed the carcass repeatedly, it somehow came free from the hook and drifted into the abyss.

Shortly after this happened, the shark disappeared along with it, likely the shark went after the carcass and had its fill for the day. The fishing was slow after that, and I had fun with a light action pole and “sabiki-rig,” helped Brent and Nick catch some bait for future trips. It was really cool how you could catch 2-4 fish in one cast and fool them with pretty much a bare hook!