Can You Catch Fish in Brown Surf? – Surf Fishing



Alright, time for everyone’s favorite part of surf fishing.
And that is setting up.
(sick music)
Yup, small little whiting.
This is a little – oh no it’s a hardhead. No its a whiting.
Jeez. My eyes play tricks on me. All the time.
I’m just going to put this guy on as live bait.
He’s pretty big for live bait but I don’t know.
Nah let’s not. Let just use this guy for cut bait.
It’s not going to make much but we can always catch more
Well I threw out the big rod with fish bites so I could get out there pretty far
Went out to about the third bar and I felt stuff pecking on the way walking back in.
And the line already went slack so it could mean there’s already something on there
I don’t know man. I dont know what this could be
It’s coming to shore, whatever it is
It’s a little something. Yeah looks like a hardhead.
Oh, no its a huge ladyfish. What in the world
That’s the last thing I expect to catch on FIshbites
But that shows. Fishbites can catch it all.
Or maybe that just means, wherever Coop goes, he’s going to catch a ladyfish.
But at least they’re good bait.
Alright, let’s get the big rod back out there. See if there’s anything better.
We are having this brown water right now though.
It could be from an upwelling, but the water still feels pretty warm.
So even when the water’s brown like this, it’s not as good as when it’s green but you can still catch stuff at the surf.
Let’s just hope I don’t get Vibrio out here.
That was a terrible cast.
But we’re rolling with it. That was terrible!
Alright let’s get my second rod ready to go with some cut ladyfish.
Unfortunately, a seagull already stole my whiting when I was casting it out.
That’s OK, we’ve got better bait not anyway.
When you putting baits on this double dropper rig, and your using bigger baits, always put the larger of the two on the bottom hook.
That’ll just help it cast better
Or else if you put the big on top, it’s going to kind of helicopter around.
Oh my gosh. Had to jump over that wave.
Let’s see if I can get over these breakers. It got deep again.
The sandbars are just random right now.
Alright let’s get it out there
That’s not bad actually.
Again something’s going on with this rod
I’m just going to reel it in and check it.
There’s a fish on dude.
Or maybe a lot of seaweed. No this is a fish.
Probably a small shark.
But with my guesses, I’m wrong 90% of the time so let’s find out.
It’s got some weight to it though.
It could be a stingray. Could be a shark. Could be a redfish.
Or a gafftop. Don’t be a gafftop. I think it’s a gafftop.
Yeah it’s a gafftop. Dang it.
Wow he felt way bigger than what he is.
Pretty big gafftop, though.
This brown water does usually hold a lot of catfish.
Look at all that slime from this catfish.
They always leave slime on your leaders. I’m going to get that off.
Lets’s do some sampling
See if we got any invertebrate around here in this sand.
Or we can catch some of these little fish.
Got one! What is it?
What is that a – is this a little pomp?
I think it’s a little pompano. That’s pretty cool.
Were are the big ones at though?
Looks like these little fish are going up to the wash here. Where there a ton of little invertebrates that get washed out of the sand.
Like those coquina shells and different types of uhhh…
Alright got this rod back out there. Let’s just reel in this big rod to see if we got bait on there.
Oh there’s something on there now.
Probably another gafftop. Let’s check it out.
Yeah, it’s bouncing around like a little gafftop.
You know what? This time I’m going to ahead and guess it’s a little gafftop.
Oh he’s fighting back. He’s fighting back.
I’m a better fighter though.
Man these guys are actually not terrible fighters for their size.
A lot smaller.
Aww don’t go that way.
Where’d he go? He’s coming back for round two.
There he goes haha.
He’s just a little disoriented.
Alright, if you guys want to know one of my secrets baits just take some plain bubble gum and this will catch you a ton of different species (sarcasm)
Not many people know about it so don’t tell anyone.
Let’s get this one back out there then we’ll get that one back out there with some cut ladyfish.
Well I got hit on the way back in. Just walking it back in and I got a fish on.
This is on the fish bites but…
Don’t know what kind of fish we got here. Nothing too big.
Maybe another gafftop.
Even though we got this brown water. There are still a lot of fish out there.
And they’re not really everyone favorite species but they’re still fun to catch.
Wew there he is. He got dragged in real quick.
Man there’s tons of these gafftop out here.
Cya bud
Can you make it? Nope.
Oh that was a bite.
Hey relax.
Wow chill, buddies.
Always water your reels to make sure they will keep growing well.
Hey! You stupid… My bait! My bait!
You almost go it, didn’t you?
It’s funny because seagulls cant even eat something this big.
let’s see what we can dig up and strain through the – oh there’s a molecrab.
let’s see what we got.
Lets pan for gold!
Yup there’s a nice molecrab right there.
Pretty cool, dude.
He’s playing dead.
Let’s see how fast he’ll scamper off.
Not very fast.
There he goes.
Alright let’s see what we got.
Oh we – what?! what? That’s magic trick right there.
A fish – he jumped in. Making it look like I dug him up in the sand.