Ice Fishing Surprise… Schroon Lake Day 3

Ice Fishing Surprise… Schroon Lake Day 3


3rd and final day of our Schroon Lake trip fishing with Elias (it was again very slow and again I caught 2 lakers, although this time was surprised to catch the biggest of the day in 6′ of water while catching micro perch, on a small swedish pimple with no bait. Generally Lake Trout prefer deeper water, most that I have caught have been between 50′-80′ deep, but I have heard they do come in shallow like this at times… Now I am a believer.

Drilled many holes and spent many hours trying to find a good bite but in the 3 days we were there we really didn’t put anything solid together, it didn’t matter where on the lake we tried or what depth we fished, it was a slow grind everywhere we tried and there was virtually no pattern to these fish other than we would catch one every few hours.. regardless of depth.

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Rod/Reel I used…
5′ St croix Ultralight rod…
Shimano Saros 2500 reel.


I think it is about time I throw in the towel. This was my last ice fishing trip of the season and maybe forever. In this episode I hop aboard the struggle bus and attempt to catch some bass through less than safe ice. Despite having the worst luck ever, I still had some fun fishing on my birthday. Huge shoutout to Schuyler for taking me out to his honey hole! Hope you all enjoy!

►Filming Gear ◄
Vlogging Camera: GoPro: GoPro Mic: Chest Mount: Vlogging Camera Tripod: Editing Computer: Sd Card: Big Tripod: Drone:

Mystery Tackle Box Ice Fishing Slam Challenge!!! (January 2016)


Inside this month’s MTB:
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3. Vicious Fishing 4lb Ice Fishing Line – $2.99
4. Big Bites Bait Curl Tail Grub – $1.39
5. Best Panfish Plastic – $1.99
6. Dynamic Lures HD-Ice – $5.95


MTB offers boxes for bass, saltwater, trout, catfish, panfish, and ice fishing!
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Rod/Reel/Line used:
-Borrowed Chris’ gear, not sure of the make/model of the rod/reel but he had 4 lb fluorocarbon spooled up

Location: Poconos Mountains, Pennsylvania
Date: January 21st + 22nd, 2016
Primary Pattern: Lake #1 day 1, managed 1 fish from 24 feet of water jigging a wax worm a foot off the bottom. Lake #2 day 2, had a lot better success, catching fish a foot off the bottom jigging in 9 to 11 feet of water
Time Fished: Day 1 – 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm Day 2 – 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Air Temp: Day 1 – Low of 14 degrees, high of 24 degrees, Day 2 – 9 degrees
Water Temp: Ice
Water Clarity: Day 1 Lake 1 – 24 inches Day 2 Lake 2 – 36 inches
Conditions: Day 1 – Mostly cloudy with winds from the NE up to 25 mph Day 2 – Partly cloudy and calm

GIANT PIKE THROUGH THE ICE!!! Ice Fishing with a Zen Master


INCREDIBLE DAY OF ICE FISHING! In all of my past attempts ice fishing, I had either gotten skunked or caught maybe a few panfish/perch. After learning some key ice fishing skills from the ice fishing king of New Jersey, Zach Merchant, it didn’t take long before we started SLAYING all kinds of awesome fish xD

Gear Used:

Tip-ups Ice picks
6″ Hand Auger

Location: Northern New Jersey
Date: December 27th, 2016
Primary Pattern: Live shiners on tip-ups around the main creek channel
Time Fished: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Air Temp: High of 53 degrees
Water Temp: Ice
Water Clarity: Lightly stained
Conditions: Mostly sunny with winds from the West up to 12 mph

Ice Fishing Brook Trout – Under Water View!


Stumbled upon some of the coolest ice fishing I have experienced in the brook trout state, aka Pennsylvania. These fish were holding in a small area of shallow water in Lake X, I had actually spent a couple hours punching a dozen or 2 holes in different areas of this lake before finding the fish, once I found them I realized that the original video I was trying to make which was pretty revealing wasn’t going to fly, so I scrapped that and just made this video of underwater views of Brook Trout reacting to different jigs and baits. What started as super slow dismal ice fishing turned to some awesome sight fishing and I had to come back as soon as I could for another session.