Big fish tears my gear up – Surf fishing Chincoteague Island – the one that got away.


You might have noticed that I have been kind of silent the last few days. That’s because I have been on a crabbing and surf fishing vacation with my family in Chincoteague Island. I turned the phone off and put away the video cameras for a few days and just spent time playing with the kids and relaxing. But don’t worry I got a nice video out of the trip and here is a highlight I just wanted to share. This beast tore me up. It was probably a striper because it took off like a rocket after I set the hook but it had the subtlest bite whatever it was.

Surf Fishing Destin Florida 2016


My first time surf fishing. We were on vacation near Destin Florida and I decided to buy some cheap gear and give it a shot. I picked up a $35 10′ Tundra rod combo from Amazon and some Pompano rigs. I threw on some shrimp and a 4oz pyramid weight and was ready to go! I caught a ton of fish and had a great time! I cut a 4′ piece of PVC for the sand spike (rod holder for you Iowans). If you ever vacation on the beach take some time and give it a try!!

Cape May Surf Fishing: Striped Bass, Whale and Sand Sharks


skip to 4:41 to see fishing

A casual day of kayak fishing in cape may goes wrong when the fish don’t bite and I lose my anchor. I ditch my plan of kayak fishing, leaving my 3 buddy’s to go fish from the beach with some freshly snagged bunker, things end up OK once I get to the beach as I land a nice 42″ Bass and get a nice view of a whale feeding tight to the beach.

My kayak is a hobie revo 13′

The striper was caught on a 12′ star surf rod with a shimano spheros 14000

Surf Fishing Surfside Texas


Surf fishing along the Texas coast near Galveston. Using Breakaway tackle from Corpus Christi. Rigged up the Long Range Fish Finder with a 5oz Super Sinker. Cut bait and fishbites were my bait of choice. As requested, I put a list below of some of the gear used in this video. Tight Lines Everyone!


PowerPro 40# Braid

Penn Reel

Penn Rod 8ft

Bett’s Tyzac Cast Net

5/0 Octopus Hook

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