Fly Fishing for GIANT Carp! – VLOG


Fly Fishing for GIANT Carp! – VLOG


Well this isn’t a bass fishing VLOG but I think you will still enjoy it! In this episode I connect with James from Schultz Outfitters and head to the Huron river in Ypsilanti, MI in search of GIANT carp! After about 7 hours of searching, finding, casting and not catching I finally hook up with my PB carp! (if that’s even a thing lol) I never thought fishing for carp could be so fun!
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▪️Water Temperature: probs 70

▪️Water Clarity: clear

▪️Wind: 0-5 mph

▪️Air Temperature: 80ish

▪️Water Depth: not deeper than my waist

▪️ Location: Huron river Ypsilanti, MI