Jigging for Bass in Spring


I did not expect to catch anything and ended up having one of the greatest days of bass fishing of my life! 40 degrees, rain, and 30 mph winds are usually not the best conditions to go fishing in. I only had about an hour to fish and hit up a lake I’ve never open water fished. You never know when the big girls will be munching! I hope you all enjoy!

My Jig Set-Up
Rod – (7ft 4in hvy)
Reel – Line – (17lb)
Lure – Trailer –
My Finesse Set-Up
Rod – (7ft med hvy)
Reel – Line – (15lb)
Worm – Jig Head –
My Jerkbait Set-Up
Rod – (7ft med hvy)
Reel – Line – (12lb)
Lure –


Water Temperature: 60-65
Water Clarity: clear
Wind: 987654 mph
Air Temperature: -86756 degrees
Water Depth: 3-5ft
Location: fire lake