Carp Obsession-2017 Keeping It Simple Wins

2017 Keeping It Simple Wins | Carp Obsession


Carp fishing can sometimes be over thought in terms of rigs and approach.

Being guilty of this myself – I stripped things back and decided to go back to basics and for me the point was proven with a stunning common carp which was the first of 2017 and the end to a 2 month blank.

The weather for fishing was perfect with a slight warm wind and overcast and things just felt right.

Being great conditions not only was I able to land my first carp but was also able to create a new video due to the amount of requests Ive been getting lately.

I would however like to apologise for the out of focus occasions, using a DSLR its difficult without a remote and filming yourself. I have ordered a new remote for the next one 😉

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