Guy Wants To Fight Me While Bass Fishing

Running into a knucklehead while you’re out fishing happens sometimes. Going out with your buddy to do a little bass fishing is supposed to be fun and stress free but every once in a while you run into a douche like the guy in the video. Some good advice about how to handle this kind of situation.

Guy Wants To Fight Me While Bass Fishing


Guy Wants To Fight Me While Bass Fishing

Oh hey…

I debated whether or not to post this video but decided I’m not being uncomfortable if I didn’t. I got really worked up about the guy who wanted to fight me. I really wish I would have just ignored him after the initial comment I made. I shouldn’t have given into my anger like I did but just goes to show how easy it is. When it comes to fishing ethics: I believe that all of us should live it out and show others through our actions and words. I like to think I have good fishing ethics but every once in a while I slip up… like in this video. Let me know what you guys think about the situation.

On a good note: the struggle is real folks… I can’t seem to catch fish. Despite getting schooled by Randy-B it was cool getting to watch him catch a good fish (miracle… i tell ya). Stay tuned for more fishy content! Hope everyone had a ballin Thanksgiving. Be uncomfortable.

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