Shark Fishing and catching HUGE fish!

On this adventure I go out and try to catch some deadly sharks in a small river in Queensland, Australia! I also caught plenty more fish on this journey so watch to the end to find out what happens!

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The story: Well after a lot of people told me to make some more shark fishing videos, I packed up my bags and went fishing for some bait, that I could use to catch a shark! Then after hours of fishing, I finally hooked the perfect type of fish, that I could use as shark bait. Sadly catching this fish didn’t turn out too well… Watch the video to see the full story.

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Shark fishing – Catch n Cook! HD


On this adventure I went out to a huge saltwater river near my house and caught a juvenile bullshark. After the great fight, I show you how to Fillet, Cook and eat this awesome fish (because they taste amazing). Watch the full video to see it all go down 🙂

Please note these Sharks are not endangered and it is legal in my State of Queensland to catch one per trip as long as it is under 1.5m .
There does seem to be a lot of confusion about Sharks – To say Sharks are endangered is like saying Birds are endangered – not all Birds are endangered and not all Sharks are endangered – but some are and therefore they are protected to save them but others are flourishing or as in this case of the Bullshark in Queensland Australia, it is actually legal to catch for reasons that are decided by Scientists, Marine Biologists and Governmental departments due to their growing numbers and their impact on the local environment and safety for humans – So I hope you understand better now – I definitely do not support Finning and Drift nets and how they are killing Shark species for make up and jewelery etc and will do all I can to stop these things.
Cheers for watching and for your concern, it is very encouraging to think so many people care about animals because I really do too as you all know – thank you for watching – Miller 🙂